3 Things You Need To Do Everyday To Live A Better Life

Life is well life. As Socrates said “Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued.”. Each day we can do many things with our time and energy. To use our days the best we can I wanted to give three things you should do everyday to live a better life.


#1 Pray

Prayer is essential for the soul. In 1 Thessalonians 5:17 we are wisely instructed to “pray continually”. To wake up each day and practice a form of mindfulness we are allowing our mental clarity to turn on like an engine warming up a car. Mindfulness can come in many forms and be practiced in differing ways. Depending on your interests, time, and space you can facilitate a great mindfulness practice which will provide resounding effects on your personal wellness. Engaging some mindfulness activity each day is an absolute necessity. Prayer is essential for connection. Prayer allows me to express gratitude and expand thoughts. Gratitude is undervalued and being able to pray and give true thanks helps us move our negativity into positive. I try to make it a practice in my morning prayer to always start off by saying “God, thank you for waking me up and giving me breath today”. In that one sentence I refocus a tired and hazy mind to get me going for the day. You should pray everyday to disengage with the things that weigh us down. Life is tough, stress is real, and trending topics are crazy. Another benefit about prayer is how free flowing it is. You can pray in any position, space, or condition. Prayer can be as short as a few words to a broadway monologue. Prayer is something you should do every single day. Keep a prayer journal, set a reminder on your phone, start small just add some prayer in your day and prepare to grow.

Topics to pray about:

  • Strength/Perseverance

  • Wisdom/Understanding

  • Family/Friends

  • Health

  • Future

  • Job

  • Personal

#2 Create

Everyday in some way you should create. Creating something can be simple in nature to extremely complex. It could be coloring in a design to writing a blog post. Creating a skill that we must use everyday of our life. Creating keeps our brains fresh and trains us to critically think through to problem solve. The definition of create is “to bring (something) into existence”. As humans we are hardwired to be uniquely creative and to not dive into that would be a sad state of affairs. Creating allows us to make something that is real. Creativity is a skill that if not used will get rusty and eventually fade. By creating we energize our spirit, mind, and body. We give ourselves something with purpose to do. When we have purpose we have drive to keep going. Take it even a step further and create in your own time and not necessarily in a structured setting such as work or school. Creating takes us back to when we were that young imaginative child that knew no limits. The great thing about creating is it doesn’t have to cost a thing. Use what you have where you are and go! Through the activity of creation we force ourselves to put away the mindless things we do that evaporate our time and produce something. We can stop doing the same old stuff and get into a idea. That natural jubilation of creating will start a ripple effect. When we create we carry that joy into other areas of our life. It could be five minutes or it could a bigger project that we work on, take the time each day to create and watch the impact it brings to our lives.

Creating Ideas:

  • Food

  • Craft/Art (Cricket, doodle drawing)

  • Content (Audio, Video, Graphic, Post)

  • Activity/Event

  • List

  • Message/Communication

  • Build something

#3 Act

No I’m not necessarily referring to getting your show gear and performing in your local production of Westside Story. I deeply encourage you to each day take some form of action. Action will mean that we are moving and motion and while the clear choice is to move in the positive direction remaining idle is worse. Each day we have our check list of items to cross and accomplish. Many of them carry over into each day. If everyday we took an action we would be putting ourselves in the position to grow. Grow through success or failure is irrelevant. Each day find something that you can do that is action oriented. That sets, or continues, in motion a part of our life. Physical action is a great way for this as in order for us to be at our best in life and live a healthy life we must care for our physical body. Scientific studies prove the positive influence exercise has on our brain and happiness. Moving our body and not sitting for hours on end can boost our juices of inspiration and grit. Taking action will also allow us to mentally get out of a roadblock which leads to better results in many areas as well. Taking action can be done anytime anywhere, but be careful of telling ourselves that we will “get to that at some point”. If we want to act we must schedule or at least plan for it otherwise we won’t do it. Taking action is great for you and can be great for others if you get more involved in whatever action it is. Please do not forget about the other actions we can take. Mental, positive emotion, relationship, communicative actions are also just as important. At some point in your day find one way you can take action.

Action Examples:

  • Lift weights/go for a run

  • Do a happy dance in your room

  • Send an email

  • Clean your living space/car

  • Use self-coping to manage a tough situation

  • Give someone a hug (someone who’s open to accepting said hug is key)


This is no magic list or formula. No one will show up to your door with a big check that you can’t cash at a bank. What these three things all have in common however is you getting better and working to positively impact your life on a daily basis without letting another 86,400 seconds float away. These things are all varying to degrees you desire to take them. There is no minimum or maximum. There is simply you making a choice to work for a better you



Steven Hovermale