One Simple Piece Advice To Create Your Best Summer Ever

Welcome to summer!


Well maybe summer-ish. At least where I am in in the Midwest the weather has been somewhere between “I need a coat/hoodie” and “Suns out guns out!”. Either way today marks the start of the summer solstice. For many summer has already begun with schools finishing at the end of May or beginning of June, but now it is official. You can check your old farmers almanac on that one. With summer comes the exciting anticipation of events, vacations, baseball games, trips to the beach, and much more. All good right? What I think often happens is that we build up summer in our minds to be this notion of greatest party ever and then July 4th hits and we realize our summer days are waning and we haven’t made a dent into the things we wanted to do. Our summer concept seem to be somehow freeing mentally and emotionally. This is why once the cold weather arrives we have the mental health condition of S.A.D..


We long for summer and then get seemingly drained as soon as we start. We get tired, bogged down with responsibilities, realize that money doesn’t grow on trees, and a number of individual factors. We go from grand voyage dreams to giving in to a afternoon at a local pool. I sometimes get these thoughts about places to go and things to do, but once at home on a Friday want to just be and enjoy the time not having to bustle around to places. Then before you know it is noon on Sunday and we feel like we didn’t accomplish what we dreamt of way back in January.

So here is my advice for the summer of 2019.

It will blow you mind.

Make all your visions come true and flourish.

Here is is…

Be where your feet are at.

In other words: Be Present  

No living for this thing or that trip. No FOMO or perfect tan thoughts. This summer to make it the best I urge myself and you to be wherever your feet are at. For those of you trying to intellectually dive into this thought with philosophical theories stop! That’s our trouble as people. I am guilty. You are guilty. We ALL our guilty. To be our best and enjoy the summer to the fullest we need to be present. There is no better way to be present than to physically look at the location our body is at. Wherever our body is at so is are feet. Where our feet take us (home, vacation, trip to the zoo, etc…) that is where we need to be.

Engage in activities, practice new skills, read amazing books, go to blockbuster movies, see a concert, hike a trail, travel in a boat, travel in a airplane, visit a museum, eat new food, see a sporting event, create something, start a new binge series, or simply rest.

Just be where your feet are.

Naturally, when we allow ourselves to adhere to this we will allow our mental and emotional state to also be more present. Many of our summer pitfalls come from more so our mental well being falling under duress because we amplify things to be what we want to find within the summer period. Instead by being where are feet are we align ourselves to be the best and better focused in towards whatever that thing is. Our hearts are not taxed, but simply able to be.

We can’t truly appreciate where we are if we don’t embrace it. We can also never get any better if we are not in the moment. Maybe you get that opportunity to go on that amazing vacation. Great! However, if you aren’t where your feet are then you won’t return from that vacation the same way. We look at things from the perspective of broad approach. If you are on that vacation you look at the days it last, if you attend that event you look at the hours it will take up. Be where your feet are at.  Your feet are in the individual moment. Be mindful of that. Forgetting that in a day where we can take 25,000 steps (I have!) we had one step 25,000 times is extremely easy, but it is just that. Regardless of how many steps we take our feet are in that one place in that one crystal moment.

Take a dive into the methodology of stoicism. This ancient life concept centers around self-control and the dismissal of emotional suffering. To be a stoic you must essentially be where your feet are at. The further stages of emotional intelligence allow us to work on our self-awareness which directly work within us to grow from being, but knowing where are feet are at.

So about summer. It is underway. Today, June 21st, is the longest day of the year and the starting line for summer. Summer is a great time of the year, just ask any grade school student, but the summer is fleeting. It will pass just as quickly as it came. The best way to enjoy whatever you are doing is to remember that we need to be where our feet our at.

With that have a great summer 2019. Make memories, get better, and smile often.


Steven Hovermale