Be Ready For The Unexpected

Be ready for the unexpected. Day in and day we can easily go through the motions. We can live life very disengaged and quite frankly make it through most days. We really at times can live a full day without even communicating verbally with one person. Crazy, but true!

Each day though if we truly push ourselves and advance we can make it through doing things that we did not expect to do when we rose from bed. Nerve racking, but exciting.

I have been in that mix recently. Each day that I thought was going to be “regular” and “normal” has been turned into someone unexpected and irregular. David Goggins is truly an inspirational figure I look to in this topic. His story is graphic, but brutally honest. He often talks about doing something that truly, deep down sucks on a daily basis.

Can we push ourselves to that point?

I have not posted in a while. There is a reason for that. The reason for that will be for a future post (spoiler alert that probably matches Avengers: Infinity War spoilers). One thing I have learning through life circumstances more or less is to be ready for the unexpected. Life doesn’t throw curveballs at us we can’t push through. God will be with us through every step and His perfect process is the best and often unexpected version compared to what we would put.

What I can say and advise is this.

  1. Do your best in everything

  2. Keep what you can scheduled to be consistent. I workout everyday (early, regular, or 10:00 PM at night) Why? to keep my body and mind as fit as can be. I want to always be at my best and not let the unexpected be an excuse I allow for myself.

  3. Keep your support system close. Talk to others and use those close to you —> Family <— as your go to people. No matter what these people will help, and build you up when you don’t think you can move forward.

  4. Believe, pray, and talk to the Highest authority of all! He is so great!

Be ready for the unexpected. But most of keep working.


Steven Hovermale