The Rain Is Coming!

Below is a short simple story that I slightly altered. It is based off an original short story that tells the importance of preparation for the future. I hope you read this story and and deeply reflect on your own preparation.

There were two farmers, Tim and Joe, who lived on neighboring properties.

They were in the middle of a long drought that had left their land parched, making it almost impossible to grow crops.

One day Joe looked over his fence and saw Tim working on building a new dam.

“What are you doing that for?  There’s no water.” Joe said.

“The rain’s coming.” replied Tim.

Joe looked up at the cloudless sky, shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

A couple of weeks later, Joe looked over the fence again and saw Tim working on a new irrigation system.

“What’s the point of doing that?  There’s still no water.” Joe shouted.

“The rain’s coming,” replied Tim.

“That’s what you said last time,” Joe muttered under his breath as he turned around and walked away.

A few weeks later, large black clouds started to fill the sky and then the rain finally fell, breaking the drought with a massive downfall that had the potential to change the future for all of the farmers in the region.

Tim looked out from his farmhouse as his new dam and irrigation system filled with precious water, ensuring that he would benefit from the rain for a long time in the future.

Joe was utterly relieved to see the rain, but he was unprepared and his property soon dried up again leaving him just where he was at before.

A few months later, Joe looked over his fence at Tim’s luscious farm with envy.  “Why is he so lucky?” he asked himself.

Tim also looked back at his neighbor’s dust bowl of a farm with pity.  “Why is he so foolish?” he asked himself shaking his head.

Sometimes we go through challenging situations in life. Check that...we will go through challenging situations in life.

Difficult economic conditions, relationship issues or perhaps even the feeling that God or our family and friends have abandoned us. We feel dried up.

At one point in time that has been you and me. I want to encourage you that the rain’s coming.

Droughts don’t last forever, but the question is are you prepared to make the most of it when circumstances in life's weather forecast change for the better?

Because if you’re not preparing yourself during the dry season, you most certainly will miss the chance when the rain fall comes.

When there are no immediate job prospects due to the economy are you still building your network, keeping your resume up-to-date and increasing your level of skill and knowledge?

When your body is wearing you out are you still exercising and putting in the sweat equity it takes to grow. Do you eat correctly by placing good wholesome nutrients in your body to energize and give your body the needed strength it needs.,

When your spiritual life seems dry and empty are you still praying, reading your Bible and engaging with a local church community?

When leadership opportunities seem fairly nonexistent are you still impacting, influencing, guiding, mentoring and developing your leadership capability even though you don’t have a “title”?

Or will the moment pass, leaving you to wonder why others are so much more fortunate that you?

The rain’s coming.

Get ready!


Steven Hovermale