When It gets Hard

I urge you all to work hard. I try to promote work ethic and effort as controllable factors. The trouble is as much as I want it to be there for 86,400 seconds However, I have to be open and honest. I have trouble maintaining the edge of wanting to get after it. Sometimes its from the moment I wake up, sometimes it hits in the middle of the afternoon. and even at times minutes into my workout for the day.

I was talking to my students the other day about stress and assured them as we all go through stress it is inventible. The fact that failure will occur in our lives is also a certain. Days in which we have our self motivation tank running on low are as sure as taxes.

Just the other day I was confronted with one of these periods. Afternoon came and hit me. I was caught in my feelings and emotions with thoughts of the weekend and what the future holds. I had that feeling of going home early. I say this to hopefully open up that it can be hard and many people might not think I have that issue.

When it gets hard and tough to push we are faced with a choice. Shut up turn the music louder or pack it up and walk away. The thing about that choice is that most of the time we know in our heart what we got to do and what has made us successful in the past. It is amazing that yesterday once I made the choice to go on I got a bit more revived and courage to keep pushing. The doubts I had built up over the day started being crushed as I stared into the mirror (yes I do this…the mirrors are in the weight room for a reason people). I can honestly say that I came out better than when I came in for that workout. I decided to take those doubts and feelings and let it drive each rep to get better.

When it gets hard use the people and things around you to turn the negative into the positive. Positivity shines brighter than any dim ‘poor me’ outlook can show. Whether it be briefly checking your phone to see that inspiring post or even remembering that comment your friend said about you to encourage you to move on it is important to find that direct inspiration.

I didn’t want for this to be long. To be honest I could finalize yesterday's workout in my head to give me an ease of accomplishment to move on the rest of this week. It is going to get hard at times. Even for the most motivated people out there the bug never fails to hit.

When it gets hard remember you are able to do more than your mind thinks.

Work Always Works

Have a great week and get better each day, keep pushing. What you accomplish today leads to a better tomorrow!

Steven Hovermale