The Extra Difference

Quick thought.

Being extra ordinary is extremely hard and not easy to come by. In order to be successful you cannot do what everyone else does. That’s the extra difference.

Extra Time: Spend extra time getting better. Be the first to arrive and last one to leave. Get more reps, more practice to create skill. Extra time allows for more opportunity to grow. More opportunity to go from ordinary to extra ordinary. With extra work time there must be sacrifice. 86,400 seconds does not change for anyone on this earth. When you give some of those seconds to becoming better you must make the decision to take it away from something else.

Extra Focus: Take away distractions. Our attention is being fought for everyday by leeches of many forms. Extra ordinary people place themselves in positions to be extra ordinary. Jump into a lake you are going to get wet. Put yourself in extra focus on getting better through making sure you mind, body, and spirit is not compromised by our own positioning.

Extra Extra: Take the word below and look at them. Are you empowered, resurged with spirit?


Now take those example words and add “extra” in front of it.

Extra Discipline
Extra Effort
Extra Desire
Extra Passion
Extra Positivity
Extra Toughness

There is a lot of ordinary people in the world. Ordinary World is a very crowded place where people can’t move without brushing shoulders. We are capable of more than that. Our brains can take scrambled letter and form a word. Think about that. Our brain power is that good and more.

Be different today. Be extra ordinary.



Steven Hovermale