Super Prepared

If you weren’t living under a rock in the last twenty-four hours then you know that the New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl in the Brady Belichick era. Regardless of what you think about the game the greatest takeaway I have is the unbelievable preparation that the Patriots exhibit.

Earlier yesterday I was getting my Sunday workout done. While finishing with my elliptical cardio I watched the NFL Films documentary titled “Do Your Job” where the curtain was pulled back on an organization that you don’t hear much from. The feature is fascinating and dives into the extensive process of how they prepare for every little detail. Yesterday we were all witnesses to yet another masterpiece in terms of the preparation the Patriots are famous for.

I’ve heard a a phrase I have really fallen in love with.

“Make your preparation your separation”

Nothing surprises the Patriots. They make sure every situation, scenario, rule is looked at. They play the long game of preparing for the moments they need it. It is pretty clear for them in Boston. You either perform your job or you don’t. Belichick once said “We’ll continue to work hard to do a better job in every area going forward. I don’t know where those little things will come from but we’ll continue to be diligent on them.”. Preparation is diligence and diligence to the Patriots means preparation.

It is not easy to be prepared for everything in our lives. In life there are infinite possibilities we must confront. Some days we feel like we hit every single one. Being prepared is the night before. Your next day’s success starts with you willingness to take time to prepare tonight. My routine upon coming home is the same everyday. Get home, start dinner, prepare lunch for next day, and get all my clothes packed in my gym bag. If that is set I can move on and then sit and have some time. Time to write this blog for instance. By starting the night before you give yourself a slight edge to start the next day on the right foot.

Having a calendar also helps prepare myself for the days and weeks. Outlining what I will be doing for coaching or teaching allows me to not worry. I can have an idea of what I will do and not walk into the unknown. Google even offers you to get a email report of you daily schedule sent to you in the morning to prepare you better.

Being super prepared seems super hard. It is easy to want to be prepared, but hard to put it into practice. Ben Franklin (who might be related to Bill Belichick) had the greatest preparation response of all time. We decide to either make the effort to prepare or we in essence be preparing to fail in some ay shape or form. You don’t have to be a Super Bowl champion six times over to be a prepared person. Start now. When our Super Bowl is played if we are prepared are chances of succeeding might reach Tom Brady levels!

Steven Hovermale