Who's Going To Get It?

Who’s going to get it?

Let me tell you.

The person who wakes up and gets after it. They wake up with a desire for the day. There is a hunger that goes beyond breakfast. They take time to awaken the brain with reading and meditation. They take care of their hygiene because a confident look creates stimulating energy. The person leaves the front door encouraged for the day ahead, not in anguish.

The person who is going to get it doesn’t do anything by chance. They are ready, they are disciplined to do what they know is needed. The are the bird that gets the worm. Yes, in part because they are early to rise, but also they are direct. The person who gets it will not waste time, energy, and resources to a cause that unaligned to their mission. They go get it. Not much or if anything will stop them.

The person who will get it takes care of their duties. They care for themselves and the people around them. They get that people matter. They make sure their peers get the applause first. They find ways to smile, use positive self talk, and brighten the room. They get it because others around them want it for them.

The person who gets it works, works, works, and works some more. They will be last to leave, but always home on time. They don’t do perfect, they do persistence. They have days of dismissal and limited power. They still push for some because they know that walking away never made anyone grow. They know that to get it means not just being THE best, but being THEIR best. They get better and better and better.

The person who is going to get it is someone we all know, but don’t expect.

They are more than a few words, sentences, or paragraphs can depict.

They are in our body, mind, and soul.

They will get it…

…but will they be you?


Steven Hovermale