The Polar Vortex Is A Good Thing

Going through frigid temperatures today has many people on edge. Schools are cancelled, businesses closed, and life like popular Disney kids movie (no it’s not A Land Before Time). I happen to think on .a day like today, especially a day like today. We often see the negatives, but add negative temperatures and you have a glass a quarter full mentality.

In order to have a mindset to overcome the great polar vortex of 2019 we have to look at the good things that come with it. Focus on the positives.

  1. Cold Temperatures Make Our Brain Better - Yes, our brains are more productive when we are in colder conditions.. We perform, think, react better. In the Journal of Undergraduate Research groups were studied on their work with math, reading, and memorization. Now to be open they weren’t looking at temperatures below zero. Different people (young or old, male or female) react differently to the temperatures we place ourselves. Our brain will work, but we can place ourselves in premium conditions for our production. We can also trick our minds into reducing the effect the cold has on our mood and behavior. So when it’s cold get moving, raise your body temperature. When it is cold it seems our natural inclination is to stay put. As active as I try to be it is hard. This week I have had the thoughts of wanting to cut my workouts short or not go at all. The crazy thing is that once I got myself to go through with it and push myself I was able to take on the mindset of finishing what I started. That feels good. No polar vortex can effect our brain.

  2. Burn Baby Burn - With our bodies in the colder temperature it is put into a state of having to work on overdrive to keep our systems going. To keep at a good core temperature in which our body needs we will actually burn calories! See now your thinking this polar vortex is a good thing right. Stacy Tucker, RN, natural health expert, founder of Almeda Labs says “Our bodies use a considerable amount of energy to keep us warm, and humidify the air we breathe when we’re out in the cold,”. Being a warm blooded human means we go through a process called thermogenesis. This process basically starting a furnace for our body by creating heat. We also naturally shiver when we are cold also creating a burn even if it is ever so slight. Adding some exercise can be great as well, however I DO NOT suggest going out for a run in the polar vortex. Additionally I have read a bit on Brown Fat and how it also increases in colder temperatures. I do not feel qualified to cover what it is, but take a look at this study and you will come away more knowledgable. So when you are making that treacherous 100 foot walk into the grocery store know that you are burning some calories!

  3. Body Benefits - Our bodies are great machines like none other. It’s matriculate components and systems are truly wondrous (feeling big words I guess) which is why we are still discovering great things. The systems that keep us healthy and living are incredible, but did you know the cold, polar vortex, can eliminate our negative reactions to allergies. The cold depletes dust, mold, and the big one pollen counts. While we cry for beaches and sunshine remember this positive tidbit. A second benefit is one any athlete has undertaken for recovery purposes. The inflammation in our body is reduced when in the cold. That is why you hear from every parent in the world “put some ice on it”. Whether ice treatment or jumping in the cold tub for cold therapy (highly recommend it) know that it is reducing the negative inflation we have. This means great things for our joints which get the natural polar vortex treatment. The cold on our body has also been known to help our skin by being less oily and not being as red. Thank you cold!

Of many good things that can come out of having cold temperatures these are some that hopefully make us take off that negative mask. We can see that if our mindset rests in knowing the helpful things this cold weather is doing for us we won’t have to go around frowning and dreaming of taking a beach house vacation. Our mindset it what firsts is set at the start of the day. It makes us open or closed for the day. Able to produce or limited with average. Our mindset os powerful.

Enjoy this polar vortex. It is really great! I am not looking to move to Alaska any time soon, but I hope that by seeing these things I can push to warmer heights!

Steven Hovermale