Progress > Persistence

In my new devotional series I was challenged to take a look at the progress factor as we as individuals seek to knock out our goals. To get better it takes work (#WorkAlwaysWorks) and intense effort. No one will doubt those two things. You must love the process and embrace the grind.

What really made me think was do we as people simply just go out and grind and work and hope for results. Persistence (firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition), is a quality that is honed in on by many. Never giving up and going into work day after day after day is good thing right?

And here it comes…BUT

If we just grind 24/7/365 are we really making progress? If I just go in to the weight room and grind every day I will results that are limited. Why? Because there is no progressive blueprint in mind. Persistence often leads to us running into a wall. We persist persist and push without seeing much progress. Taking on a progressive mindset allows us to establish what needs to be done and then get after it. If we keep progress at the forefront of our mind then the road we are on in our journey becomes enlightened.

So then I had to think where in all of this does the quality persistence go?

As the title of this post suggests we need to grind with progress in mind, but do it with high levels of persistence. Each and everyday we work to get better and discover progress unearthed before. Finding ways make dreams happen is the thing that gets us out of bed on a snowy day in the winter of the midwest. Dreams don’t work unless we do. We must work to progress.

John Wooden is a very wise man who is a hall of fame coach. His insights and life proverbs are just as good now as they were years ago. For his pyramid of success he outlines the keys to develop amazing progress towards being successful and great in whatever we do in life. One of them is this…

Don’t mistake activity with achievement” - John Woden

Persistent activity is looked at as the recipe for success. We accomplish things certainly from persisting any life, but like Coach Wooden said, we can’t mistake that method as one that will lead to achieving things. Activity is good. When people ask me what they should do to get in shape or get stronger I often tell the beginner to just start by doing something consistently. This gets us going and acclimated before making the next step. Only after taking a plan for progress into play (specific for goals and outcomes) do we start finding achievement.

So strive for this quality.


This mindset gives us real ambition to hit it hard each and every glorious day we have on this earth, but also have a plan for progress that takes us just a little closer to our goals and dreams! Never give up and never stop seeking progress!

Steven Hovermale