The Power of The Group Accountability

Teams are a powerful force. When a team unites for one cause once thought of as impossible feats become less daunting. We need teams. Teams in our lives allow us to have support and push us to be better. They raise our level of performance that we simply would not get to on our own.

One thing a team brings, a true team that is, is the aspect of accountability. How teams maintain accountability are numerous, but not matter what century we are in the requirements for accountability are personal/in-person communication. Not to say technology hasn’t given us great methods as well. As I a coach use them (Snapchat, Twitter, text), but it must also include direct interaction.

I have not been as good in this area as I should. I am looking at making this area better with myself and the team I coach. For this year I enacted accountability groups within our team. These groups are led by our three captains. Each captain is in charge of a group of designated players. They are in charge them to make sure they are following our team standards, a go to contact for any issues, and overall make sure what the team needs they do.

My thought was while I want our captains to lead the team it can be harder to do with 12 players. I do not want captains feeling like they are stepping on each others toes and feeling doubt over how they can impact a whole team. Thus put each captain in charge of a small groups. They can be effective and more personal is those groups to reach the overall team.

I encouraged each captain to start consistent communication with those guys, make sure they try and stretch together. Create a bond that allows them to hold each of those players accountable. This was a solid plan, but I did not put the effort into creating a more stable plan together for these groups to be effective.

“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result” - Bob Proctor

I was happy today to have for the first time an important step take place in our accountability groups. Starting the new year and getting ready in our season to hit the second half it provided a good time to take time to reevaluate We had each captain take his small accountability group and run their own meeting. They were in charge of going over the following three points.. No direction for their answers was given by me or other coaches. I want our captains to feel they are empowered to lead and communicate without thinking I mandate everything.

1. One way you want to bring that group closer and more united for our team.

A plan and then a plan followed with action can lead to more productive unity within our team. This time of the year our team can look back on the first two months of the season and see what steps need to be taken to go to the next level and also correct any shortcomings. There could be dozens of ideas for this, many excellent choices, but it is hard to do ten things well. Choose one strategy and commit to it. If our accountability groups unify together it will spread to the whole team. A pack of lions mean business.

2. One thing you will be expecting from the group and team.

These are accountability groups. For our captains they must be clear in setting the expectation they have for those players under their leadership. Ultimately this standard of expectation should fall in line with what the program and coaching staff establish. Again here we could list many answers that would come off as excellent expectations, but I believe if we commit to being great at meeting one expectation will see others met as well. If the accountability groups know what their leader expects they cannot pull excuses. The leader must then also stick to their expectations. If they have established it then they must enact it at all times. If they let things slide they are failing their group and not serving their captain role..

3. Tell each teammate in your group one thing you appreciate about them and what they bring to our team.

In order for accountability to work people must feel appreciated. By telling them these things it allows for criticism to stick better. Accountability is hard to keep when one party doesn’t respect the other and feel like they constantly being berated. This will create real relationships and teams with real relationships have a bond that is impenetrable. Accountability often looks at the negative, but maintaining positivity we make accountability a good thing.

“ Accountability breeds response-ability".” - Stephen Covey

Great teams united with one purpose and goal is an unbelievable goal that should be pursued. However, without accountability that purpose, the goals set, will left to chance to accomplish. Be accountable to your team in life and be accountable to yourself the actions that follow will always then stay in focus.

Steven Hovermale