Where Has The Effort Gone?

Why is effort such a lacking thing in our world today?


Effort is something that is entirely controllable in my opinion.

It takes zero talent.

No other person/thing can take away your ability to give effort from you.

It doesn’t take having money, superior education, or age.

Yet effort has the aura around it that makes it so interesting for people to understand. It has many accompanying questions.

What influences effort? What makes one person’s effort change day to day? Why do some people simply not care about productivity whatsoever? Why do we perceive effort as being something we have to be given and not something we already have within our spirit? Why does no effort one day lead to additional spiraling of no effort? Why do we do more convincing ourselves about the “effort” given and not just be real? Why effort looked at as something tough?

Ray Lewis said it best. “Effort is between you and you” (I’ll leave the video of his speech below because it is so great!) Not a boss, teacher, coach. I aim to bring it each and every day I am fortunate to be on this earth, but me “bringing it” won’t do a dang thing. I have been thinking about how I would put that percentage wise. How much can I influence the effort another person puts out? I said nothing a sentence prior and while it sounds good I do think someone can do a little bit. Either way regardless of the percentage you believe in I think the vast majority will agree that effort is above 51% in terms of being solely on the individual. People need to take ownership and give their effort. I see many young people who have been growing up being treated with things for nothing, no effort, and when they failed at something someone helped them get out of the issue.

So what does that lead to?

“Oh I didn’t turn the work assignment in on time/uncompleted…the teacher will give me some extra time to redo it”

“I didn’t go get extra work in the weight room/basketball court/batting cage…that’s fine. Coach will still have to play me”

Minimal effort detaches us from what are part of. I have been shocked to hear from some job managers how they have had to fire people for get this…NOT SHOWING UP TO WORK. Some people go so low with their effort they don’t even take the time to call off or show up. I had the privilege to talk to a friend this weekend who told me he had to fire a worker as she was not showing up and in turn filed a lawsuit against the company for wrongful termination.

We can lose a lot of things as a society. If we lose the concept of effort there will be no app, device, or program to do it for us. To again reference Ray Lewis, “Effort is what’s inside”.

I say these things as an offender. I have gone many periods in my life where effort seriously slacked. I hope however I do not lose the self awareness that involves knowing when effort was given or not. I also want to raise up this topic because I feel that if we all desire effort in our own lives we will make it known to others so that we have accountability for our effort. More than just did we win or get a good score on the test, but even if we did having others to let us know when our effort was somewhere in the clouds will keep us on the straight an narrow.

Effort. It’s between you and YOU!

Steven Hovermale