Open Your Hands

Expressing yourself and opening yourself to others can be as easy as opening your hands. 

Now this is not my idea. In typical coaching fashion I "borrowed" it from Dananjaya Hettiarachch who is a world champion public speaker. 

The point that I want to take I think can be applied in any walk in life not just public speaking. When we open our hands so that our palms can be seen we invite other people in. We welcome them to not just what we have to say, but what we will offer them in the future. 

People deep down are smart and intuitive.  We instantly will latch onto a person and leader based on their hands or we might turn them off in our lives. I really believe that. Showing our palms welcome others in. It is a natural things that world champions speakers do to have listeners become more engaged. It is a mental jedi mind trick for sure. It allows leaders to have people follow their instructions and concepts without any pushback. I'm not pushing for shoving our hands into the face of people, but when we allow this hand to palm body language occur I think we connect with people. It captures the human brain to want the person to feed them with more. We have the option to have people follow/like/rely on us because of more than the words we speak. Showing the palms of our hands is a boost to our persona. 

Why do we, myself, often find our hands in a closed position or in our pockets? It's a physical sign we display to step back without literally taking hiding under a table. We do it because we are nervous and because our brain and mind feel nervous it starts sending signals to hands. This allows us sometimes to cover up and not go into full panic mode. Hands in the pocket is also a terrible mistake and one that I have to fight all the time. Having the hands in pockets gives off the aura that I don't think is intentional all the time, but it makes others want to back off us. They become less receptive to things we have to say or they hear what we say in a completely different manner. If a leader always has their hands tucked away I think it does have an affect on the ability to lead and have great followers. A coach who always has their hands in pockets lead to players doing things more out of fear than with enthusiasm. If we close our hands and tuck them away we close ourself off to others without even being able to show our true personality (or the one we want others to see). 

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi in his video gives us a simple exercise to do to emphasis this point of showing palms. He mentions that if you look at your palms and then the back of your hand we will see that our eyes become more relaxed when we were looking at our palms. Great trick. 

Remember to show your palms more as you go about in your daily life. Especially when you are a leader. You will bring in your following, be more received by others which in turn creates impacts down the line. I don't think we can change everything in a day, but taking this one things and working to make it a habit will lead to other positive body language creating a greater outlook overall. 

Steven Hovermale