Thank god It's Monday - James 9:11

Thats motto. Not a verse, but guys in B3 North will understand that running joke. It was always used when following some comment or "words of wisdom"

But really. It's Monday.

Monday is often the day called off work because many people just want to extend their weekend. As a matter of fact National Sickie Day fell on a Monday this year (Monday, February 5th). Multitudes of people just happened to be sick on this day. Strategically planned the day after the Super Bowl is gave people across the country  a chance to dismiss Monday. 

So why do I am thankful for Monday? Monday is a new start to the week. It's a tone setter for the week and not while it will create the greatest week ever produced it certainly can be looked back upon as the catalyst for the weeks malfunctions. For me Monday gets me back to my routine and back in a setting I work to improve. Impressions are able to made once. Monday is the day the impression is made for the week. I've failed here many times and will most undoubtably fail at making a good Monday impression. So often I have the chance to appreciate the Monday, but fail in a million ways. I'm an imperfect being with aspirations of being held to a high standard.  

To embrace the T.G.I.M way of thinking I don't think people have to diminish Friday. Friday can be the reward of productivity. Experts will say some extrinsic motivation is helpful and can keep us on track for the week. We are all flawed and so providing some ammunition to combat mental motivation fights can be needed.  It is the idea many people live by that Friday, more Friday night, is the end all be all. People will go out and do things that reveal their true self and those stories especially with Snapchat never die. 

Being excited for Monday is about carrying a cup of optimism and knowing obstacles might be around to knock it out of your hand. Simply going through Monday with an optimistic outlook can help trick our brain to embracing the suck. 

If you ever want to amp up your Monday (or any day in general) go check out Jocko Willink's (@jockowilink , Instagram: @jockowillink) podcast and many YouTube videos. Today I came across another one of his pieces. The title of it "Standby To Get Some". He is one of those people who will talk and instantly make you want run through a wall on the spot. To embrace Monday you have to be ready "to get some". I think everyone understands it, but very few people embrace it and are excited for the Monday struggles. Mark my words someday I will be in that category. Will you join me?

In roughly a few hours my Monday will be over. There was some good, some bad, and definitely some in between where I didn't live up 100% to this motto. Simply just writing this short blog out though I am invigorated for Tuesday.


Because next Monday starts on Tuesday, 6 days of grind. So with that...thank god it's almost Tuesday!  

Steven Hovermale