The Substitute for Hard Work

So you are up in the kitchen. Whipping together something ultra tasty and delicious. You've been craving for this all day long and you just got to the point where (I'm talking to the people not entirely focused at eating out of a bag) you have to make it. Problem is you neglected to pick up that one odd ingredient from the store coming home. You are bound and determined to make your creation. Nothing is stopping you. You have a craving and you are going to fill it.

Good news!

Take a look and you'll find a substitute for most food ingredients. No cinnamon, try some nutmeg. No egg, add yogurt instead. The list goes on and on with some foods having multiple substitutes. I looked on Google to see what might be the most searched. Upon searching "substitute for..." I got these top results.

  1.  Eggs
  2. Heavy Cream
  3. Buttermilk
  4. Brown Sugar
  5. Corn Starch
  6. Sour Cream
  7. Baking Powder
  8. Butter
  9. Soy Sauce
  10. Baking Soda

Just about every recipe ingredient can be substituted for and achieve a very similar and in some cases improved result. 

Hard work, there is zero substitute for that. Don't believe me? Checking Google again and search "substitute for hard work" . In my top searches to click the very next option is "no substitute for hard work" along with others including a reference to Thomas Edison. Edison originated the phrase "There is no substitute for hard work.". To give context to his quote understand this is the man who went through 1,000 attempts before fully completing the light bulb. Edison did not have a quick five step plan. He had a one-thousand step process in building light bulb. 

Hard work is without a doubt a necessary ingredient in our life's recipe. Whether you're a person trying to meet a personal goal, an athlete looking to improve performance skill, a musician wanting to be recognized, and anything else hard work MUST be present. The great thing about hard work is that it takes no talent to begin with. You can work hard and anything telling you different is an excuse your mind has conjured up. We all don't have the same situations in life, but that has no bearing on the hard work you can/should put in. 

Now is the goal with hard work is not to dedicate 27 hours  a day and 400 days a year to working. No, because thats physically impossible and I Googled that to make sure. Hard work to me is a few things and I want to quickly touch on it.

Hard Work Has A Purpose

Purposeful work makes the things we do ultimately worth it. Your purpose for work can only be determined by you. I say that even though you might have a boss, coach, or teacher who gives you directives. Even with tasks you've been given the hard work still comes from you and the purpose for why you are going to sacrifice time and effort into work must be conceived through you. That's Simon Sinek's thing. The "Why". If you have your why then you can get after just about anything. When deciding your works purpose think of these things. What do I want to accomplish and be at when my hard work hits a certain point? On the days when I feel like not working and packing it in what will keep my going? In every recipe the ingredients listed mean a whole lot otherwise they wouldn't be there. The purpose of our ingredient hard work must have a purpose for it. 

Hard Work Is Efficient

Just like hard work has a purpose it must be efficient.The idea is not to work to the bone and post a Snap to show everyone how hard we worked. Working hard also means working efficiently in whatever you are doing. For instance with an athlete lifting weights they shouldn't pick up a weight and go. There must be specific exercises set for that person. They work to their maximum effort on the designed plan and they will be better than walking from machine to machine. Efficient also deals with our time. Everyone has different time constraints. Are you using the time you have and going all out in that time? Don't be the person who doubles their work time (because they think it's a requirement) and to go that duration goes mid-level intensity. 

Hard Work Is Your Best

Seems easy right. Work hard, play harder. Hard work must be your best. Will every repetition and trial be excellent, no way! Hard work will lead us to fail, and fail often. Hard work might lead us to get rejected, get made fun of. Thats real. If your best is not given then your results will be mediocre. Working hard is a habit that must experienced often. Alan Stein (trainer, speaker, author) says it best, "Are the habits of your today on par with the dreams of your tomorrow?". Hard work will be at your best when it is a habit. Factors that make it your best involve other controlables such as attitude, effort, concentration. Hard work at your best produces massive progression to the destination you have. 

Your hard work will be seen by many. How do you want other people to see you and the work you put in? The truth always comes out, no hard work will be seen you can bet on that. I encourage you to never go at it alone. Don't think you have to create this master plan. See what other people in your field do or have done. Check to see what things they did in their climb. YouTube is a wonderful thing and can help us find some great things. Spend fifteen minutes watching or reading and you will jumpstart your hard work journey.        

So in that recipe substitutes might need to be used. Your hunger depends on it.

Hard work does have substitutes though, I lied. Hard work does have alternatives such as...

  • Hard Work Commitment
  • Hard Work Resilience 
  • Hard Work Discipline 
  • Hard Work Perseverance
  • Hard Work Toughness
  • Hard Work Passion 

You see while hard work might not have a full on substitute it does come in different flavors. Each providing us with the push to reach our goals. 

Now go get in the kitchen and get making that recipe!   

Steven Hovermale