Which One Are You?

Like many people in the recent weeks I have watched the Netflix documentary series "LAST CHANCE U" season 3 where we get an in depth look at JUCO football in Independence, Kansas. The series over all doesn't hold much back and that's what makes it special. This type of series is my go to. I can't begin to say how much I go into Youtube to watch clips and features to get a look of what happens inside the action. From players, to coaches, to the nutritionist I eat that stuff up. But after watching the series a week ago I had this question.

Who would I be in a documentary series?

Watch any documentary, I'm talking sports here. From LAST CHANCE U to Hard Knocks and every documentary made. we all see it. The crew creating the feature focuses in on people and stories that make us as viewers fall in love with, hate them, have an opinion on them. They do this so brilliantly. Bobby Bruce was the guy in this season. His ups and downs were very interesting. Again I ask...who would you be in a documentary series?

Would you be the hard worker?

Would you be the lazy person?

Would you be the person viewers root for?

Would you be the person in the shadows who sparingly gets camera time?

Would you be the supportive friend/teammate?

Would you be drama central?

Would you be person trying to overcome all the odds?

This question gets me. The camera in a true reality type series like LAST CHANCE U doesn't have filters to change the truth. Without even putting a label on things everyone can think of some common documentary personalities. While we, certainly I, love watching these real life characters live out their stories you must remember that that is all real. Real passion, dilemmas, and heartache. Going back to take a look at where former East Mississippi players are added to the question even more. We saw people go through times of trial and then now see what became of them. Some stories can make you happy, others have an uneasiness to them. Sometimes when they check in with former people you get the sense those individuals feel embarrassed for the place they are now and want to do their best to cover up what is going on.  Every series is different by name, but all have similar plots. One goes on to success and the other has hard times or just never made it to the place they envisioned.

Everyone of those individuals featured in the show knew the cameras and microphones were on them. Picking up everything. You would think this would change the behavior, but I think at many points emotion is real. LAST CHANCE U doesn't come off as fake to me with a bunch of producers setting up scenarios. It goes to show that at some point we are what we are ( or who've we developed ourselves into being).  The camera is always rolling and we must consider how our actions would look if it were up on the screen. 

So not to add information to this post I simply ask you to ask yourself the question that I had. If you were part of a documentary series like LAST CHANCE U what person would you be in the show? It shouldn't take a camera crew showing up to your door. We can start making a positive influence on ourselves right now. No matter the time of day you can at this moment finish reading and take action to making yourself better than it was before. 

Maybe you can be honest with yourself, maybe your slightly delusional and trying to say nice things about who would be. It's extremely important for you to take things head on and be that person you need. 

Content Update

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Steven Hovermale