Short Post: Do Your Own Research

This is going to be short. I promise.

I was reminded following my last post on hard work that we often need motivation or assistance.

Ok. Often might equal ALL THE TIME!

The great thing is we no excuses.  When you see a handicapped person like Jeff Bauman who loses both legs in a tragic event during the Boston bombing you must realize how capable we are as people. We just need that reminder of belief. Whether that is someone we are close to or me and whatever distance that is between us, it certainly boosts our abilities to work hard. 


Typically when I am doing some work I listen to something. Earlier in the spring I went on a run of listening/watching TedTalks and keynotes from amazing speakers with inspiring words for life. I have recently listened to some of Joe Rogan's podcast and while he is never shy with his words I have learned some things (because you can learn something from every person/circumstance in life). He talked about this same thing of motivation in one I was listening to today. 

When we need to work hard we have the ability to go soft through an infinite list of resources to find out ideas, methods, theories, advice, techniques, and motivation to do anything we want to. If you have work to do on a wood project you can in a millisecond find out anything you need to know to make your wood working better. While I will not be looking into this area anytime soon I do look for things in areas I am super interested in.

I said I would keep it short so I will. Bottom line in the time you read this post you can go and find assistance to improve your skills, to make you better, and to motivate you to get to work. Hard work is something we are all capable of. Don't think you must have it all figured out yourself. Research a bit and you work will have significantly better results. If you want some motivation I highly suggest you check out some YouTube channels like Goalcast or someone like Jay Shetty to get you going. 

Keep working!

Steven Hovermale