Grow Yourself

Grow is defined in the dictionary (or Google search) as this "undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically; progress to maturity.". I like that definition, however we could expand it to cover a large span of things. 

I took a walk today and it got me thinking. You see for the first time ever in my life I live close enough to see farm land with vast amounts of space to grow. Not more than than a few months ago it was bare. I mean nothing there. You could see how big the space was. Today when I went by it it hit me. The green sprouts of growth are starting to occur. It wasn't in a days time or even a weeks, but it was growing. Taking time to reflect on where things were in a previous time to the present point allows us to have this thing called perspective. If you look at the definition of grow again up top you will see one very gigantic word. Natural. Those plants were once nothing in bare dirt, and yes while given water and other possible nourishments it didn't grow like that overnight. It was natural. I can fall into this pitfall as well, but society wants supercharged growth and they want it now. The process can never be rushed, that might cause things to be off physically or in its maturity.  

Our growth needs the process and requires us as individuals of the process to abide by it, to care for it, and ultimately own it. 

Going into this week most states across America have the high school sports dead week. What most athletes will take this for is a chance to not have to get up early, be out in the heated fields or gyms, and not have the intense work their coaches and trainers have been putting them through. I beg of any athlete in this position to not do this. GROW. Take this week to advance and become better. Someone, somewhere else is working. How do you think your matchup will fare when you meet up? I think you know the answer to that question.

I am not shining star nor will I be the poster for everything right. I never took a "dead week". Never. Was not going to happen. I may not have been able to get to a gym, weight room, batting cage, but I was going to grow. Even on Fourth of July. Grow and grind. I remember summer going into my sophomore year of high school I was doing speed work multiple days a week because I wanted to get faster.. I made sure that before I did anything I the fourth that I got my speed work in. I got faster for it. Sure one workout missed might not have been the difference in running a great forty at football camp, but it would have meant I didn't grow to the maturity level I could have been. That is just one example. I can undoubtably tell you what I will be doing this Wednesday morning. I will be planted in the weight room grinding for two hours. Why? Because I want to grow and I want to outwork. If you don't want to then sorry about that, but we will just have to separate our ways. 

Growing can come in all forms and you need to take notice. Sometimes we wait for others to give us a compliment or we rely on status likes and views. Growth has to be real and when we can measure it it will even be better, because we will have a tremendous boost of confidence to keep growing, and growing, and growing. If you recently read my blog you know I am trying to go Keto. Well in checking the scale the other day I am down eight pounds in the first week. Thats growing (or flattening...).

This week while many people want to sit, be lazy, enjoy lots of food that not healthy for them while shooting off fireworks I'm not sure they should be involved with get growing. Like those plants on the farmland get your water, get your sun, and get nutrients that support your natural growth. 

Whatever it looks like for you I am a fan and a supporter, because I hope we as people will be all in for those around us who grow and work.    

Steven Hovermale