The Little Things

What a week. I had the chance to go down to Indianapolis for two days and be a part of the JAG Indiana state conference. It is always good to connect with others who do what you do and learn from others to make you better. 

I have a question for you though.

What do you pay attention to more? The big stuff or the small little things. 

We often neglect the littles things in our loves and possible miss out on somethings. Pay attention. The things people say, that thing you heard in a song lyric on the radio, that one sentence you read in a blog could be something you need for that day. The little thing could be what sparks creativity and pushes you to keep going on.   

At the seminar we had one speaker (Tim Robinson) who was also a teacher wrap up the event. While I wish I could link his entire thirty minute speech for you to watch I want to give you some little things. 

1. Be Authentic                                                                                                                                      2. Be intentional                                                                                                                                    3. Embrace the process                                                                                                                      4.  Surrender to the culture                                                                                                                  5. Commitment means everything

14 words that might seem "little", but carry such an amazing meaning that left me motivated. I could have easily dismissed one of those points and missed something he said. I wanted to latch on to everything he had to say. If he a little point I wanted to hear and know it. Now I can break those things up and reflect and get better. Missing something would have left me with 90% of everything I could have captured. 

Another point I want to make about the little things is simply showing up. They say half of life is being present. A little thing, but often we aren't there. We are not present physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not having one of those three means you are not present. To be present and show up is a little thing some people don't appreciate. I was looking into the U.S. Marines Twitter account and found a recent clip of one of the drill sergeants giving advice for future trainees. While he could have talked about training with unmatched intensity, being prepared for any task or challenge. He could have said to be in the military you must have a no quit mentality. The piece of advice he wanted to pass was to simply show up. Showing up gives you the potential to do great things. I can absolutely guarantee you will have no chance to push on if you don't show up. 

The little things in life. Often neglected and unconsciously passed over. As the week is wrapping up  take time to make sure you don't let a little thing go by that could have made you better. I can tell you I have better off for paying attention to two little pieces of information and will apply it to my life, class, and team. 

Steven Hovermale