Trying Keto

So for the longest time I have had the same types of meals/foods. Lame I know. This is how I do things though. I don't get a variety of foods and open up the cupboard and contemplate what to eat. Ok well sometimes on the weekend I do, but who doesn't!

Things are changing however. For the longest time I have been reading and watching videos on the well known ketogenic diet. What I have come to read has been very good, so I thought let's try this out. After all it is summer and if there are any abs to show I'd like to find them. Now before I go into what I'll be doing I want to make a point that I dislike the word "diet". When you decide on a way to eat that is your food plan. You can choose a way of eating that isn't label with the word "diet". I think we all can find what is considered healthy and good for us. I believe that there is no diet, food plan, or otherwise that is perfect for every single person. We all have different needs, health background, and situations that impact what we do for our nutrition. You can mix and match. Like anything else if you want to make it the best for you take time to research. If you try to make changes on the whim you won't stick with it. Research allows you to find your why. Nutrition isn't just about flavors, but what it can do for your overall health. Reading is what successful people do and to make smart changes in your health read and gain knowledge which lets you make the best decisions you can. YouTube can't be shortchanged either as there are many people who can provide you great insight. Just be sure to check who your using for your resources and be sure to look into multiple sources. Some people I have followed include Thomas Delauer (Check out his YouTube channel HERE) . He has a wealth of information and is one source I definitely trust. 

In starting the process of trying keto I wanted to check what my nutritional intake would be. I found a calculator that allowed me to put into my stats and aspirations. What was actually great was that it gave me what my nutritional intake  (carbs, protein, fat, calories) for a recommended diet, keto diet, bodybuilding diet, paleo diet, Atkins, and High Carb diet. (Calculator Link) Going forward I can have a number to base what I eat. 

So far I have tried to design a weekly eating plan that keep the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Saturdays and Sundays will be days where I slightly let myself have more freedom which is good. This way I cannot cheat during the week because I know I have built in a time to change a few things I eat. The foods I will having a whole lot of include avocados, bacon, eggs (so many eggs!), fish, grass fed beef, and mashed cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes. So far I have liked the foods and started taking meal prepping for real. I meal prepped before in the sense that I had foods for certain meals and would get them ready the night before. Yesterday, Sunday, I made my egg muffins (with bacon,  and spinach), salmon, and a salad with avocado dressing. 

I'm hoping to see some benefits in terms of fat loss to have more muscle definition, but also see what that can do for my diabetes. Hopefully this lowers the insulin use I need. Quick side note, I am worried what will happen if my blood sugar goes out of whack forcing me to eat/drink carbs. One bad low can have me drink most of my carbs for the day in one sitting. I am excited though to see what happens and have committed myself to staying with this keto life for a few weeks to see what goes on. 

If any of you have suggestions or questions yourself feel free to comment or ask me on social media. My recent instagram post shows what I recently had for dinner and I hope to add more things to show what I eat.   

Steven Hovermale