Anchor Week Day 3: Give What You Got

The mid-week workout brought out a lot for our guys today. Legs get sore, the excitement of 6:30 AM workouts wear away. I challenged guys today to give everything they have. Not that the exception is any less on other days, but a reminder is always good.

To give what you got you have to ready to go. I've been doing more reading on functional mobility work. While I don't plan on getting old any time soon I definitely see the need for people and athletes to train hard, but also take the measures to recover and keep their body in the best position for success. While certainly it might not be the latest treatment that costs big buck, it could be something as simple as a $8 dollar foam roller and taking 10 minutes to get blood flow throughout the body. 

So in our workout today we got lots of shots up. Doing various drills to mix in catch and shoot to shooting off the dribble. The last drill we did was one I took from the Los Angeles Lakers. They call it the Mentality Drill. It is something they often put prospective players through. The rules are this:

  • 90 Seconds on the clock
  • Player starts on one end of the court and takes a shot. Following the shot make or miss the player will take rebound and head to the other basket where they will take another shot. This goes on back and forth for the entire time.
  • Layup = 1 Point
  • Free Throw Jumper = 2 Points
  • Three Pointer = 3 Points

To add to it we did it at the end of our workout to truly give everything we had and test the mentality of ourselves. I always love to add something at the end to tie it all in. So we pushed cars for twenty minutes. I thought about giving a long explanation, but I kept it short and just went. It's amazing what young athletes will do when you present them something unique. They ate it up and pushed everything they had including one final team push for about 100 yards. Very proud moment. Nothing you will write in a Disney film, but hopefully a moment of positivity to reflect on and most importantly build on.