Anchor Week Day 2: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

The U.S. Navy Seals are the toughest individuals on the planet period. They have the will to push on and the grit to repel any obstruction. These brave souls are amazing examples of how great the human body can be pushed. As a coach and person who seeks to see what makes the best the best I love using the examples of Navy Seals in terms of their training prowess. If you haven't watched any of the BUDS Training documentary I highly encourage to go over, after you finish reading this blog, and watch on YouTube. I also highly admire the coaches who bring in former Seal members to run a week program for their team. Shaka Smart (Texas Men's Basketball coach) does this every year and really reminds us that lot's of life stuff isn't as big as what the Navy Seals and our military go through. 

Life is hard. Everyone tells you that growing up and you come to accept it. I desperately wish I could release the chains that often hold me down in feeling life's tumultuous moments in time. I tell my students all the time that don't ever mistake me for someone who has "it" figured out and never feels like my toughness is being broken. I think that makes myself and people who lead more real to others. However I do believe that feeling of broken needs to be addressed. Why then is it that this hurdle seems like it's a million miles high? I want to attack it, but there are days when I'm just not having any of it. Even my tank runs dry sometimes and that is hard to admit. 

Good news os that we all have a next opportunity that has the potential to revive our spirit!

Today for day number two of Anchor Week I threw a wrench into things when I took them out of the gym and told them we were going to take a trip to the park a mile away. Before thy ran over we did our quote of the day.

"The only easy day was yesterday - It pays to be a winner."  U.S. Navy Seals motto

I'll focus on the first part of that quote first.

Day one was in the books never to be done again. Some of them who thought they were in shape had a shock after Monday. So my words were this. Yesterday was easy. Today is a new challenge, a challenge that will be tough. After running to the park we went over to the sand volleyball courts in the empty park at 6:40 AM and got after it. Sprints, shuffles, jumps, and more sprints. I even jumped in on a few. We churned those courts up! A few morning walkers gave us some odd looks, but we pushed on. After working for a good 35 minutes we took basketball back to the blacktop where everyone started. With old worn out basketballs and a pavement that had a few morning sprinkles on it we did ball handling. It was easy yesterday when we were on a basketball court made out of wood and used "nice" basketballs. Today hands got dirty from the ball pounding the outdoor surface. It was different and it was a bit harder. I felt like an evil genius as my plan was working. I don't want to make it easy on you. I would be doing you a disservice. If we could handle ball handling drills in off conditions then when we are playing in a close game with defense breathing down our necks I can look back and say "Hey, remember hen we ran 1000 sprints in the sand and did ball handling moves with your feet slipping on the slick pavement? Well this is nothing!" 

Your past experiences will undoubtably prepare you for the next days. 

Second part of the U.S. Navy Seal motto. IT PAYS TO BE A WINNER.

Sorry to be harsh, but not everyone wins. There is a winner and a loser and sports is not the only place this happens. That is why sports is such an amazing teacher for athletes. Whenever we work hard, and do good things we give ourselves a chance to win. When we do win (promotion at work, get the sale, get the girl to say yes) we get some reward. This reward is not always physical, but we have the chance to gain from our win. For our team it will pay in the win/loss column. Another side of this and why the Seals use it is to remind us the payoff sometimes comes in the form of what we don't get. I always remember watching BUDS and seeing that the winning team in a boat race was exempt in having to do pushups. The drill instructors drilled this in the head of every potential seal. IT PAYS TO BE A WINNER. That winning mentality is why teams, schools, companies, and people have successes. Every person strives to be that winner. Those seals that lost, didn't win, had to suffer a consequence for that result.  If we win we might not be given a check for a million dollars, but we also might not have a negative occur to us. 

If it pays to be a winner then surround yourself with winners. I reminded our guys today once we returned from the park. Don't associate with losers. I'd rather walk a mile out of my way than have to deal with a loser. That losing mentality in life can eat away at a person and can like a disease spread to the people around them. I don't want to ramble on this, but simply put winning attitudes and behaviors all synced together can make some special things happen. 

So day two is a wrap.

Done. Quite frankly easy.

Day three is all that matters now!