Anchor Week Day 1: Action Creates Success

This morning bright, early, and hot I started our incoming freshmen basketball players with our first ever Anchor Week. Each day this week we are going from 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM and after planning things out for the last few months I can tell you this...they are going to be put through some hard work under tough conditions. This week we will mold our team. 

And so we began.

We always start off our sessions together with a QOD (Quote of the Day). Something to remind us of why we are putting in our effort for 90 minutes on a morning in a heated gym with one fan over in the corner. We need action! The best way to get our team and players where we want to go in simply start. Once we have action going we can go after the goals we have. Without action there is no way to attain our end destination. 

"Action is the foundational key to all success" .  - Pablo Picasso
We hit the action button from start to finish. After doing our foam rolling, mobility, and dynamic work we went. Each person was always doing something. We were either working through an exercise, a sprint, a drill rep, or going to get water. We never were not doing something. 


Unlike a movie action here in real life does not get any retakes or do-overs. No "My bads" and "Can I do it a different way this time?". I am proud of our guys this morning for sticking to action and though pushed and tired realized that actions breeds success and inaction breeds to eventual elimination. 

Today was just day one. Plenty of more to come. Plenty of action that is.