Pancake Day

Saturday. The day when we all tend to exhale and say "We made it!" It seems anymore that as we get older and have to do this thing called "adulting"  we run ourselves crazy. Not saying this is a bad thing because depending on your goals we certainly have to work hard. I am one who loves, not likes, routine. It is something I preach to players I coach and students I have taught. Why I will pick up this topic in more depth further down the road I do want stop this morning and mention a routine I have come to enjoy. 

Every weekend for the most part I have woken up and started my day with some warm pancakes! I LOVE PANCAKES! I love the smell, I love the taste, I love rushing to flip them over because I was doing something in another room. 

I try my best to eat a good diet that isn't uber restrictive, but also gives me a chance to kick back and eat! Saturday and Sunday morning pancakes represent to me the start of the day and something I quite frankly look forward to every week. I can't have pancakes everyday, but giving them a day of the week almost motivates me to eat better during the week. I think this is key for anyone trying to eat a good nutritious way. If you plan on things then you limit your excuses of random splurge days. I have been fortunate to find a pancake mix I love. Kodiak Cakes has been a fantastic option for me  and certainly seeing the little sign at the bottom of the box saying "14g Protein" catches my eye. I lot of buzz has been centered around the IHOB change and while definitely odd I won't ever run into that because I need to make my own (and my own routine). Now I have come to love adding some MCT Oil , cinnamon, or oatmeal to the mix and this allows me to try a different type of flavor. Keep the basic mix and add. In our lives when things get bogged down maybe we just need to add a different ingredient into the thing we are already doing. Never go from one thing to next, be you.

Routine things in life get the label of being negative and bad often. I disagree. Routine lets you stay to things and get something accomplished. Science shows that even when we have the little wins and things checked off in our life we feel better about ourselves, So by starting my day on my pancake mission I am feeling good right away! Often after this I will get some things done around my place or head to a morning practice. Then after some digesting time I go hit the weight room for a good workout. Yes, even after pancakes for breakfast. There have been times when I had to get up "early" on a weekend so I could make my pancakes before going to  whatever I had that day. I could have just went with something else, but that would mess up my routine.  If the routine is important for you you will find a way to make sure it gets done. 

So now it is getting mid morning. I had my pancakes (some eggs to because yes), I wrote my blog which is gearing to be a great routine in my life, and now it is time to go turn on some loud music and get after it!

Give yourself a chance to do something productive and positive with your routines in life. This isn't the last time I talk about routines, because I think there is so much to offer on the topic, but we'll save that for a later day. 

Have a great Saturday! It's still not to late to make yourself some pancakes!

Steven Hovermale