Finish Strong

Friday before Christmas. With plenty of weekend events, family gatherings, and last minute shopping there is plenty to grab our attention.

Finish. It means the following.

bring (a task or activity) to an end; complete.

To move on to the great weekend ahead we must finish what we have in front of us. Friday is a day where it is easy to check out mentally from. Long week, Tough week, Frustrating week. Our mind bogged down makes us think of the future.

It takes toughness to finish. if finishing was easy to do then we would have a lot of production in the world. Finish through to the end. If class end at 3:00 PM then the expectation is to work until that time. Then let loose. Throwing away valuable minutes is something we can be so easy to do. Finishing gives our confidence a boost. We crave that good feeling of being able to check off something.

Finishing builds habits. By finishing this Friday off well we establish to our mind and self that we can do it again. If we let ourselves slack then we give ourselves an out the next time we aren’t engaged in life. Habits create building blocks and a solid wall of a reputation. If our habits of finishing we start, not giving up, are high we will earn an outstanding reputation in the world that travels with us.

When I think of finishing I am reminded of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. This was a great games as the infamous Dream Team came to take on the world by storm. One event though did tell such a story that it is heavily remembered. Derek Redmond was a runner for the USA in the 400 meter race. One of the toughest races out there. A grueling all out sprint for one lap on the track. Derek went to to run the race and finish for himself and his country. Unfortunately during the race Derek pulled up limp. He completely tore his hamstring. Yet Derek never gave up. He was a finisher. With the help of his father Derek came across the line. He FINISHED last. Derek had a mindset few have. A finishers mindset to not quit early and give all he had.

Finish strong.

“That's one thing you learn in sports. You don't give up; you fight to the finish.”- Louis Zamperini

Steven Hovermale