Success Is Not Based On Your Zip Code



Those that’s where I am from. Those numbers being my hometown zip code and area code. Those numbers have meaning. It shows not only the location I grew up in, but the type of person I am. When you hear certain zip codes or area codes often they provide someone a glimpse into the characteristics of the person. We think of instantly the stereotypes that describe right or wrong the person.

Many times zip codes come with distinguished status. There is a wealthy zip code in every area of the country. We think they have it made. We look at their houses, schools, and infrastructure and assume they can do what they want.

However, it’s not.

Your success is not strictly based on your zip code. Affected, yes. Some areas have more opportunities, resources, and money. Others have hardly anything and have more hurdles, but the message is this. That person from zip code 1234 who has no advantage still have them self. They still have the work ethic, and they still have the hustle to grind away. There are great stories of people not adhering to what everyone placed on them for their zip code. They come in forms of someone going to college, starting their own business, winning an election.

Short post, but I hope this thought makes us realize that where we come from carry’s weight, but does not write the story. It is just another reminder to take advantage of every day and eliminate our easy excuse of our situation.

Steven Hovermale