Feed Wisely

Food is essential for life. The nutrients it provides give us the energy and power to do amazing things. The process of feeding is never brought up now in society. We rarely feed, we eat. We eat a lot. Our country over eats and it comes out to some negative side effects. If our feeding habits are poor we will have the bad outcome.

An old tale about a Cherokee warrior goes like this. This Cherokee was a great grandfather. He was wise and old and had seen much in his life. One day he brings his grandson on a little adventure up a mountain. After traveling for a bit they stop. The grandfather looks at his grandson and says “There’s a battle going on inside me”. This battle he explained was between two wolves. One wolf was darker and represented laziness, negativity, complaining, and cheating. The other, it represented hard work, discipline, and positivity. The description of the wolves made the grandson wonder . He finally asked his grandpa the compelling question. “Who will win this battle?” Very swiftly the grandfather said firmly…

“The one you feed.”

That’s it. There is a battle inside of us today. We have two wolves battling to win our internal war of mind and body. What we choose to feed will win the battle and encapsulate us.

Personally, I look back ashamed at the times I fed the dark wolf. The moment of lapse leads to hours and days trying to reconcile the choice. Of course we can justify almost any action we make, but when it comes down to truly what we are feeding in our lives I love the wolf analogy. We feed our tomorrow with habits and decisions we make today.

One way to become a better individual is to make sure we feed ourselves the right things. Our food matters to the production we have. When our body runs well we perform. What we feed ourselves is on the same level as the wolves. It is no wonder that some of the top CEO’s and successful people have a healthy lifestyle. They are the one’s that could probably pig out more and buy that extra pizza. The correlation is obvious. Great brain food is a good place to start. Foods like nuts, some fruits, avocados, greek yogurt, and cheese sticks are just some easy simple snacks.

By feeding the right things and supplying ourselves with the best nutrition will put us on a better path to success. We have the power in this area. We cannot control many things (background, natural skill/intelligence), but our food choice is controllable.

I hope this story hits you like it did me. Today at some point we will have the choice to feed the wolves. Once you feed it you cannot take it back.

The wolf you feed will win.

Steven Hovermale