Let It Begin

Today was a good day. No great day!

Finally we were able to officially get our season off the ground. The first day of practice is an exciting one regardless of how many times you’ve been through it. It just has the mystique of hope and optimism. The long months of training and putting in the the time to prepare are gone. We went from the longest week, Week 0, which lasted all offseason to today where week one begins. I love the nervous energy guys have as they realize that the intensity level is climbing. I have music blaring while guys are performing their practice prep routines. I' had to keep myself moving as an outlet for my energy I had been saving up for the day.

It was a day were growth occurred. Many mistakes were made, but I was so proud of the energy guys brought. Energy travels. Regardless of whether we are the most talented team or far from it it we can control our level of passion and energy. I want it to ooze out of the guys like the sweat I will draw out of them as well.

Our energy must be positive and promote the whole group. I told guys at the end that a huge reason to be clapping and being nonstop with energy is that it takes off the me attitude. If we clap and get loud for a teammate in a drill we are transferring our issues (being tired, missed shot, mistake, etc..) and using our ability to make someone else better. It is a selfish move to be honest. I might be having a bad day, but I can’t let that affect my job to make the team better. Give energy and not become a energy vampire or sponge. Teams, groups, the world will do much better when filled with people who give the energy rather than take it.

Today is day one. Many more to come! I hope to use this as a platform to blog our team’s season. As videos are made I will include them here and on my YouTube Channel.


Steven Hovermale