I Am The Commander

So this week we covered the Myers Brig Type Indicator personality assessment. I have been using this assessment on students to open up their eyes to well themselves. We all want to “find ourselves” and are told by our parents, teachers, coaches to do so. Great, but how? The MBTI isn’t a cure all. It won’t give a person the magical answers of life, but I do believe it is a stepping stone in the process to allowing us to travel the path of life. Discovering what we want to be, who were are, the opinions and values is something we start on from the day we can walk and process thoughts until the day we pass. Isn’t that a great things about life! We get to wake up each and everyday with the ability to grow in who we are and lay are head down at night just a little more developed and educated.

We get one life on this earth to fulfill our purpose and use the personality type we have. It would be an absolute shame to waste it. The MBTI has only sixteen outcomes and while taking the assessment we find where we fit in that spectrum. Hopefully we see these four letters as a spring board into more.

I chose the MBTI assessment because of the great use it has had. Forbes estimates that over 3.5 million people take the MBTI a year. Organizations, companies are all having staff and new hires take personality tests to see where they fit and how they will work. I myself am going to implement it this year by having my basketball and baseball teams take either the MBTI or a personality test to see how our team can be improved to win more games and be successful.

So like I said this week in our JAG class we had MBTI Week. Each day we learned about the four matchup in personality characteristics. It was great to have discussion about the types. and see reactions to statements in agreement to the personality they had. We also have been working on our year/semester long PBL “Building Your Digital Brand”. To mix the two I assigned students to create content of some form that connected to their MBTI outcome. I certainly couldn’t ask them to do it without me joining in! I better hurry though because the deadline is coming up tonight! (Can a teacher submit an assignment late that they created?).

So what is my type you ask?

I am the commander!


I am a proud ENTJ. Also known as the Commander.





I am first comforted that individuals also with this personality include Steve Jobs, Gordan Ramsey, Harrison Ford, John Carey, Franklin Roosevelt, and Whoopi Goldberg (not sure how/what to feel about that). The ENTJ is more of the natural born leader they say. I am excited about that, but ultimately realize that like anything anyone is “natural” at they must still work extremely hard to keep and grow it. My personality is the type to be very driven and determined. One article I read about the ENTJ said that they can be ruthless in the way they act and think. Guilty.

Im commanding. leading, people they use their extroversion to also push others and bring them along on the journey of accomplishing their goals. This is so true of myself. While I came out Extroverted I am often an Introvert. Now there is a term for that called Ambivert, but that doesn’t come out in the MBTI. So while I am often an “I” my “E” comes into play when around others especially in teams and groups. In those groups however ENTJ’s respect those who are also strong enough to take action. They have very little pity on those who fall behind. I want to be around highly motivated people. As Kobe Bryant was quoted saying “I can't relate to lazy people. We don't speak the same language. I don't understand you. I don't want to understand you.”

That great characteristic can be a detriment at times though. Because the ENTJ wants to push people and be around that type of person they limit their own emotions to fit the mold of the super strong insensitive in their head. This is why we have harder time expressing some emotions. We see it as a weakness.

Can I plead the fifth?

Strengths of the ENTJ include these below.

Efficient: From my experience this means I try to make sure I do what needs to be done to excel at the things I am involved in. However I do not want to brach out and be part of many different things. If it doesn’t relate to what I want to accomplish I more than likely won’t do it.

Energetic - When it comes to my passions and things I have a desire for I have supreme energy with it. This quality doesn’t mean I am happy go lucky Steven 24/7/365. Absolutely not. It does mean when I am in something I am in it!

Self-Confident - ENTJ’s are seen as very confident people. I’ll let you know this. It’s not always the truth we show. We often put on a front. But my thought on confidence is this. Fake it till you make it and also work hard to be supremely confident in what you do.

Strong-Willed - The judging characteristic comes out here. I have the stubbornness of a mule sometimes. Can be good and it can be bad.

Other strengths include charismatic (I would say stunningly charming), inspiring, strategic and a detailed thinker/processor, and a fairly objective decision maker.

Weaknesses can be the flip side of the strengths. They include being impatient (when people are meeting your needs/expectations ), arrogant (because people see ENTJ as trying to be overly ambitious), and among many other weaknesses difficulty with emotions.

Overall the ENTJ type has many great qualities (No bias there). In understanding this part of my personality I hope to develop it and use it in the right way. Your personality is a talent you to give to others, the world, and everything in between to make an impact.

I am the commander.