Our Logo, Business Card, and Trademark

Your smile is your logo:

What we put forward on our face can say who we are and what we are about. Are we positive or negative. Hard working or lazy. Caring or selfish. We often project what we want our "logo" to be. That is probably where the phrase "Put a happy face on" comes from. Over time our true logo is presented and we often forget that so many people we don't even interact with will see our logo. A smile spreads positivity, optimism, energy, passion, and enthusiasm. All those things are contagious from one smile. 

Your personality is your business card:

Handing out a physical business card might not be as common today as it was, but through our personality we hand out what we represent everyday. Sometimes we know we are handing it out to someone, other times we hand out our "business card" without even realizing we did. We hope we didn't hand out that rough draft card that had the poor design and typo. People will buy into our personality more often than not first before they get a real good look at anything else. Make sure we care for our own unique business card that is our personality. Everyone has one. 

The way you make others feel when you leave them is your trademark: 

We want a good reputation. No one says I want a bad reputation. Our reputation is a trademark we leave with every person we come in contact with. If others feel appreciated and better off for spending a moment of time with you then your trademark is very well off and will be sought time and time again. Leaving others with a bad taste in their mouth has lasting effects. What kind of impact do we want to make with others and more importantly what are we going to do about it? What trademark do you have?

Steven Hovermale