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My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

Hello and thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit my website. Time is extremely valuable and I do not take the time you are giving granted. My name is Steven Hovermale and I am 26 years old professional soon to be married to the love of my life! No dogs, however I expect that to change as a result of her. I grew up in a city in Metro Detroit called Westland and have ventured Southish to northern Indiana. I believe in looking into the landscape of today the personal branding and initial connection to the world's opportunities is through creating a platform on the internet through self created platforms like this. To take the reigns and use these amazing outlets rather than just use them as basic connection pathways  can do great things. I also desire a place I can assist and grow others. I have, and still do, looked up to many individuals who have made an impact in my life and want to do that for someone else.  


I have a deep passion for sports and ever since I can remember I have been in something related to athletics.  Beyond that I have a keen interest in the process of sports. The behind the scenes things that people don't see. How people get better! Unknowingly I started this at a younger age. At 12 I ran around in ankle weights because I thought it could make me faster. I used a broom stick and tied on unused cans of paint to act as weight to bench and squat. With younger brother I was fortunate to start coaching in my teens. I obviously love playing as well and played multiple sports at Churchill High School in Livonia, Michigan before attending Grace College, a smaller school in a smaller town called Winona Lake, Indiana. I was fortunate to play baseball there and be a part of the sports management program. This allowed me to be a part of many opportunities with collegiate athletics and other events. One of the biggest without a doubt was being a part of a team in the speech of former First Lady Laura Bush who came and spoke on campus. 

Sports took me to a few opportunities in the fitness field and coaching. I was able to reenter the high school sports world and coach three years as a varsity assistant for boy's basketball and baseball.  I was given a chance to organize workouts and team programs while also working with many athletes who would go on to play at the college level from Division 1 to NAIA in different sports. Taking on head roles I have also worked at the freshmen level for basketball at Churchill and Plymouth High School (Plymouth, Indiana). I saw a need to prepare young men and created the Toughness program based on the book by Jay Bilas and taught that to players in a self designed program. Motivating and growing athletes beyond the sport was something I saw was needed and took ownership of that with every team/athlete I came across.

I have been able to grow in other roles I have had including getting in the school system to work with students with behavior issues while also taking the step to teach and lead a program called JAG (Jobs for America's Graduates). I have been able to speak and communicate every day the desire I have to share for individuals to get better and grow every day. If you check out the site further you can see lessons I have shared with students and what I have had people work on to grow as people.  This is where I can make an impact. 

My life is a journey, the process of it  though daunting at times is what drives me day in and day out. I am not who I want to be yet, but I am closer to it than I was yesterday!


Steven Hovermale